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"Saxophonist Caleb Wheeler Curtis negotiates taut, bop-flavored contours with a meld of Desmond-like coolness and blues-toughened acerb"JazzTimes
"A sonic architect on the alto saxophone, Caleb Curtis builds melodic and methodical structures that are compelling and immediately recognizable."Jazz Speaks
"Caleb has a wonderful, singing, projecting sound. To me, that’s the ultimate for a horn player."Mulgrew Miller, legendary pianist
"Of (Orrin) Evans' many talented collaborators, vocalist M'Balia and alto saxophonist Caleb Curtis stood out. The spotlight shined on them in a gorgeous arrangement of Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed", and it was a revelation."The DCist


  • Dec 14th 2016 World Café Live, 8:00pm Gregorio Uribe Big Band Philadelphia, PA
  • Dec 17th 2016 Firehouse Space Alex Levine Quartet Brooklyn, NY
  • Jan 3rd 2017 Zinc Bar Orrin Evans’ Captain Black Big Band New York, NY
  • Jan 19th 2017 Luca’s Jazz Corner (Cavatappo Grill), 9:00pm Caleb Curtis Quartet New York, NY
  • Feb 5th 2017 The Owl Music Parlor SiSiSiSi Quartet Brooklyn, NY